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What do we Mean by The Cloud?

Cumulus? Or the Future of IT?

The Cloud. We are not talking about the weather. In simple terms, the Cloud is using someone else's infrastructure through the internet. Instead of accessing software directly on your machine or server, it is online.

Can your business move to the cloud completely? The simple answer is yes!

BUT before migration you need to analyse each area of your IT to make sure your migration to the Cloud is smooth. At IT Perfection, we like to make sure you have a full understanding of the options, including the strengths and weaknesses of each, to help you make the right decision.

Below you’ll see some of the ways in which we’ve used the Cloud.

Cloud-based Backup or Disaster Recovery

We use the Cloud as part of our backup and disaster recovery plan. This means your data is stored safely offsite. And this is all automated, which means no need to remember to swap backup tapes or USB drives.

We can take this one step further and use the backup to create our disaster recovery environment. What this means is that if the worst were to happen, your entire server infrastructure would be running in the Cloud. Meaning you can connect from home.

There are plenty more ways the Cloud can be used for backup. Contact us today to secure your infrastructure.

Emails – Microsoft 365/Google GSuite

You may well be aware that the main way the Cloud has benefited businesses like yours is via Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) and Google GSuite. By having your emails in the Cloud, you can connect from anywhere in the world. Any emails sent or received are synchronized instantly across every platform. No more hunting which device that has that all-important email on it.

These email platforms also benefit businesses by having the facility to implement additional email security and central email signatures.

IT Perfection can do the migration without any loss of emails or disruption to service. If you want increased security and productivity for your emails, contact us now.

Virtual Servers & Desktops

More and more people are using the Cloud for virtual servers and desktops. The beauty of using the Cloud for this is that you can scale up and down with relative ease. Do you need to expand your workforce? Using the Cloud, you can increase the capacity of your server – with zero downtime. You can scale up to have enough infrastructure to support a small continent, then scale it right back down again. This elasticity is where the Cloud holds its own compared to having physical hardware onsite.

Contact IT Perfection and let's explore how the Cloud can help your business to achieve more.