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Infrastructure Support is What Drives Your Business

Servers, Endpoints & Networks

Think of it like this. YOU are the driver. Your business is the car. You steer the business in the direction it needs to go.

We are your pit team, looking after your vehicle. And we are your Sat-Nav/co-pilot, helping you get to the finish line.

Server Support

Your server is the engine. If the engine doesn't work, of course, your car stops. Often abruptly and at great expense. The same goes for your IT infrastructure.

If you partner with IT Perfection, you can avoid an engine failure scenario with your IT.

We make sure your servers are secure and in excellent condition. We give you regular updates on their behaviour, and we are pro-active in our maintenance and monitoring.

We also support and implement cloud servers if you want to move away from on-premise, server-based IT. Cloud servers can be utilised by most businesses, although there are other options available.

Fire-fighting problems after they arise is not a solution. If you are currently getting reactive support then you are taking a big risk.

Partner with IT Perfection to get proactive support today.

Endpoint Support

Businesses are starting to use different devices – not just PCs and laptops, but tablets, mobile phones, and other devices. Our endpoint support covers all of these devices.

Collectively, your endpoints become your gearbox. You choose what gear you need to be in. But what if your gearbox is slow to respond, or even worse, it seizes? Your destination takes a lot longer to reach, or you never even get there.

Slow PCs. The kind where you have time to make a cup of tea just for it to load. It might cause a smile and an eye-roll in the office, but it is no laughing matter to your bottom line. Lost productivity is a major hidden cost. At IT Perfection, we do not take this lightly. We secure, monitor, and maintain all your hardware to make sure that you are not being slowed down unnecessarily. We are dedicated to saving your workforce time. We free up your people to focus on doing what they do best – helping your business to make money.

Network Support

This is your oil and pipes. Your network connects every part of your business and we make sure everything is linked together properly – without any leaks.

We look at each individual area and assess what you need – from how fast your connectivity is between your endpoints and your server to how well your Wi-Fi is working.

We have resolved various network issues for our clients, such as:

• Files loading slowly.

• Wi-Fi issues, such as disconnecting/poor performance or slow speeds.

• Making a smooth transition to working from home.

Call us and see what benefits our experience and expertise can bring to your business.