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Backup & Disaster Recovery

They are not the Same Thing

You may have backup but that doesn't mean you have a disaster recovery plan. Not having one or the other is the business equivalent of playing Russian roulette – one day your luck will run out.

We could help you pick up the pieces. But if you call us sooner, we can put preventative measures in place so you don’t have to agonise over lost data or loss of income.


Backup means your data is stored somewhere else – not just in a single, onsite location.

Our bare minimum recommendation for backup is the 3-2-1 system. 3 copies of your data are on 2 different types of storage, and 1 of these copies is stored offsite.

Backup is also not something to set up and forget about. Regular testing is essential if you don’t want to take the ‘fingers crossed’ approach.

IT Perfection doesn't take backup lightly. We take great pride in providing the best options for your business. If you don’t know when your last backup was successfully taken and tested, contact us now so we can secure your data and provide you with peace of mind.

Disaster Recovery

So, you have backup. Well done! You're halfway there. But do you have disaster recovery?

Backup and disaster recovery are not the same thing. Backup is a preventative measure. Disaster recovery is what you do in the worst-case scenario. It’s like if your entire building has become a towering inferno – once you have dealt with the initial fire you need to rebuild back to where you were before the fire.

If you’re an IT Perfection customer, you have a disaster recovery plan.

As part of your plan, you know what your next steps are. You know your recovery time objective (RTO) and your recovery point objective (RPO).

RTO is how long your business can survive without its entire IT infrastructure.

RPO Is how much data you can lose but still carry on. For example, could you cope using old restored data? We’re talking potentially all of your financial transactions/payroll/warehouse data being a week or a month out of date. Could your business cope with this?

Has your current IT provider discussed or provided a disaster recovery plan? Has it been implemented and, more importantly, tested to make sure the solution works as planned?

The hopes and dreams approach is not something we rely on at IT Perfection. Disaster recovery is not just a ‘nice to have’.

Cheshire Fire & Rescue say that following a disaster:

• 25% of businesses never re-open.

• 80% of companies who don’t recover in a month are likely to go out of business.

• 75% of businesses without business continuity plans fail within 3 years.

To make sure that you can bounce back, whatever happens, call us now.